Evil after-party music

Hello! Greetings at last. I’ve just returned from an EPIC 2 weeks in both Miami and New York so I’m gonna keep this pretty short as my brain is still struggling to kick into gear. Rest assured though, we’ve got heaps of stuff to come for you guys in the next few days and weeks, including a blow-by-blow account of our time at the Winter Music Conference and a mini guide/review of some of the best parties New York has to offer!

Since we’ve been away We Are Not a Rock Band has been a desolate place. Most of our writers are still on their travels, but in the next few weeks they shall be returning and normal service will be resumed – so keep checking back for new stuff!

This is a quick taster of the kind of belting party music my ears have been subjected to whilst I’ve been away. This track shook my world to its core on the Space Terrace in Downtown Miami at midday on a sweltering monday morning just one week ago (seems like a distant memory now). Pure fucking evil, no nonsense, after party techno from Loco & Jam, a duo from Northern Ireland. Not one for the faint hearted…

Umek – Destructible Environment (Loco & Jam remix)

This discovery lead me to hunt down a few more tracks by these guys – resulting in these bad boys. Hold on to your hats.

Loco & Jam – Medusa

Loco & Jam – Armageddon




One Response to “Evil after-party music”

  1. party musics are always groovy and danceable, we love to dance to the beat of party musics _

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