So last night whilst perusing the blogs for some new music, we came across this little gem of music gossip: Tiesto Dutch “electro legend” has made a rather serious faux pas of late (I did write something really evil but just in case we get in trouble I amended it – you’re lucky Tiesto!). The dutch Dj/producer was caught stealing a CD from another DJ and the cheek of it – he went and played it out at a London gig the very next weekend!

The victims in all this: Dada life, the Swedish electro/house band that combine a dry humorous don’t-give-a-shit edge with dirty filthy bass lines with pop synth breaks and vocal loops that have been warped so much you just wanna freak out in a dance off with the very next person to walk in through the door!! (if you can’t tell that we love them, shame on you!) If you don’t believe us, here’s a quote from their site:

Tiesto stole our brand new tune – Just Bleep Me (Satisfaction) and played it in London last weekend.He took the cd from our case. The only copy. We haven’t given it to anybody yet (you know, we want to keep our stuff for ourselves until we say so).
Well, when we opened for him in Liverpool this saturday we played it just before he went on! Muahahahahaha!

The song in question can be bought here

Big Shadowstep



  1. Knockturnal Says:

    Seriously man – what a douche Tiesto is. How the fuck is he still a popular DJ anyway?? I would like to steal his entire music collection. Not for me to play, just so it stops him from playing…

  2. Knockturnal Says:

    I’m confused that last comment was from me? Am i going crazy or is there an imposter in the ranks?

  3. Tiesto has stolen your account!!!

  4. haha – it was me. you were logged in on my computer and i didn’t spot it and i hppily posted away…

  5. […] those of you wondering why I find this funny please read my other Tiesto post about etiquette.  I haven’t liked him much since then, but one of his latest colab’s with the […]

  6. It’s typical for the Dutch to emulate and imitate.

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