I received two songs from a duo called ATLAS. The first is their remix of ‘Maps’ by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I’m always skeptical when I see a remix of a song that on it’s own is great. But they took it and gave it a great house sound – I can see this going over well in a big club because of its great dance-ability. The second which I really like, is their own original song called ‘BANG!’. It features rapping by Mic Terror. It’s less housey than their ‘Maps’ remix with more of a hip hop electro feel and fittingly is about well, banging. When I listen to this, I can imagine a room full of people packed in, dancing all up on each other and yes, I would want to be right in the middle of it. I see this song, if played out at a bar or club, inspiring lots of “love” connections. I tried to look into who ATLAS is but all I know so far is that they are two guys from Brooklyn, NY.

ATLAS – I don’t care who you are, just keep doing what you’re doing.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (ATLAS Remix)

ATLAS feat. Mic Terror – BANG!


2 Responses to “BANG! it’s ATLAS”

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