Colour Strip

Detroit was once the hub of American car manufacturing with Ford and General Motors based there … in 2010 it may become one of the first cities in the world to ‘regress‘ by turning some of its urban areas back into rural pastures!

Jimmy Edgar is a product of and directly influenced by Detroit’s inner city atmosphere. As ‘Jimmy Edgar’ he is non too prolific – releasing just 2 EPs and 1 album since 2004, although he does also operate as part of Black Affair and Plus Device. Which is why his impending visit is all quite exciting …

About to fly into the UK for appearances at T-bar and Bang Face, Jimmy Edgar will also be releasing a new single called ‘B There’. One part Prince – one part Kraftwerk, combing sexual overtones with complex, hypnotic rhythms.

Catch him live on Friday April 16th at T Bar in London >>>

Jimmy Edgar – Personal Information

Jimmy Edgar – Color Strip Warren




3 Responses to “Colour Strip”

  1. WOAH he looks like Jamie Bryson!!

  2. h! thats what i thought. He totally does

  3. […] electronic-funk star Jimmy Edgar who we featured here before has released a new single this week called ‘HOT, RAW, SEX’. This precedes his […]

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