It’s been a while since I graced these pages, but thanks to spending a week in New York with HazMat and Knockturnal, tearing from one afterparty to the next, my ears have been finely tuned once more. Perfect timing really as Ikonika drops the release of her debut Album ‘Contact. Want. Love. Have.’ this week and it’s an absolute belter.

But not in the same way as normal floor-stomping, gun-pumping, Dubstep. Ikonika’s tracks are more lucid, transient,  like summer Dubplates. However this is not to say that Ikonika is all bark and no bite. She’s proved she can tear it down with her remix of The Brown Acid’s ‘Bastard Kids’, so to sum up, this is not your average Dubstep, but then Ikonika is not your average girl.

With her album being released on UK record label HyperDub she joins some other great artists like Darkstarr and Kode9. She’s in esteemed company and that’s sure to make her Debut Release one of my albums of 2010.

The Brown AcidBastard Kids (Ikonika Remix)

IkonikaSahara Michael

Ikonika + Eero JohannesWe Could Be Ikons

4th Level Zombie.



One Response to “Ikonika”

  1. undergroundfisherman Says:

    Great stuff, Ikonika is really cool, I think “Psoriasis” is probably her best tune

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