HotSauce and my Mexican Tastes

So apparently this is my first post, and since this is my first post I’m gonna try to express as best I can the type of person I am and the love I have for music. I’m from Texas in the good ‘ol US of A but I’m not your typical Texan, as I live way out west bordering New Mexico and the country of Mexico. So yeah I’m a mexican who lives in texas… Who loves all sorts of music.

For my first post, I’m gonna try and infect this blog with a little Mexican spice and post up this new sound coming from Mexico called Tribal… This isn’t the tribal your mom grew up with. You pronounce this version of Tribal as Tribaaaaaal, Mexican style. To show you how popular this stuff is becoming, above is a short clip of our boy L-Vis 1990 playing at the Mad Fools party in Miami.

If it made you seasick – sorry about that, I just couldn’t stop dancing!

Now the funny thing about Tribaaaalllll is that there is no way of contacting the people who are creating this stuff (who are mainly based in Mexico)! No Myspace profiles, Twitter, SoundCloud, etc. So of course I’m going to share with you some of my favorite tracks I’ve found scouring the interwebs.

Dj Manuel Palafox – Ritmo Warachozo (Private Mix DJMouse)

Dj Manuel Palafox – Canto Africano

Dj Mouse – Amantes de la Waracha (Original Mix)

Dj Mouse & Erick Rincon – La Ricotona (Privates 2010)

These last two I have no idea who created them (even with the crazy name drops, apparently they came off some cd’s at a flea market haha)

Unknown – MAE POT IMP #ay papi




2 Responses to “HotSauce and my Mexican Tastes”

  1. I love me some mexican in a man ohhh and in music too! Hehehe =) Nice first blog Hotness! ❤ Congrats! XoXo

  2. Lovin the tribal vibes! Your cameraman alias should be shakin’ stevens… 🙂

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