… Invisible

London based trio The Invisible were credited with a Mercury Music Prize nomination in 2009 and have been impressing audiences on tour ever since.

WANARB met them out at SXSW through film-maker friend Poppie Skold who is touring with them, filming and editing their live shows and documenting the making of album two. The show at Latitude 30 was a great introduction to their live set which consisted of a wall of guitar distortion broken up with funky bass and drum rhythms, ‘wakka wakka’ guitar and Korg synth.

Check out drummer Leo Taylor’s experience of SXSW 2010

Do you think the UK music scene/East London electro scene was well represented at the festival?
Being that there were over 1200 bands playing this year it was impossible to keep up with every new UK band appearing. We headlined a PR’s funded, UK night at Latitude 30 featuring up and coming acts I’d never heard before. It seemed I had to come all the way to Texas to find out what’s happening in my own country! The XX were playing in town too, who are a great representative of stuff that’s popular in the UK at the moment.

Who was the most interesting act you saw?
I saw an amazing all girl drum and vocal group fronted by 3 Japanese girls called ‘Chica Vas‘, I think. They were playing about 8 drum kits and bits of percussion… it could have gone so wrong but it really worked.

What was the most grotesque food you ate?
We fell foul of a Denny’s breakfast one fateful morning and it made us all feel like shit for hours.

What was your favourite venue you played and why?
The best venue for us was Latitude 30. The sound system was really good and the sound man was excellent. He did a great job for us.

Surmise SXSW in comparison with UK city based showcases
There’s nothing close to the scale of SXSW in the UK. It was astounding to us actually witnessing just how much was going on there. A truly super-sized event!

Best free item you received?
A black plastic cowboy boot key chain/bottle opener. So good!

Longest wait for a cab?
20 minutes

Coolest person you met?
Claire Evens from Yacht, pretty cool… pretty and cool.

Hardest piece of equipment to track down in Texas that you couldn’t bring from the UK?
This time I was prepared and had everything I needed, although Tom had his micro Korg leaked on outside and it stopped working and we couldn’t find another one in time.

Any advice for bands going to SXSW next year for the first time?
Play like its the last gig you’ll ever play.

Best rumour you heard? – whether it came true or not.
That Prince was playing.

Best ingredients for a breakfast taco?
??? Crispy shrimp?

What doors do you hope will open now having played SXSW?
We hope our album might get picked up by an American label. We met some sync people and hope that something might come of that. Just to play to a fresh audience was great though.

Coolest purchased item? SXSW 2011?
We were too busy to go shopping!!




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