disco disco DISCO

I have always loved disco, but recently I’ve been feeling it more and more. So I thought I would dedicate this post to the wonderful world of DISCO HOUSE! We begin our disco house travels in The Netherlands. ‘Searching’ from Dutch producer Martin Poulus under the name Webqueawry is a song I have on repeat. I can’t decide if I love the original or the Mam Remix so I’m posting them both.

Webqueawry – Searching

Webqueawry – Searching (Mam Remix)

Next stop is Australia with DCUP ‘s ‘To Be In Love’ (Universe Remix). I scoured the interwebz trying to figure out who this Universe character is but I’ve come up empty handed. All that really matters is that this song is hot!

DCUP – To Be in Love (Universe Remix)

Finally we go to Canada (I love being able to share some Canadian music with you all. I’m just so excited about moving there). First stop is Vancouver for U-Tern ‘s ‘Style, Class, Flair’. Check out more from this guy, his music is disco house deliciousness. Finally we head to my new home, Montreal for ‘Swine Flew’, the new debut track from”The Gentleman’s D.J.” Leon Zane. Leon Zane is the alter ego of Andrew “DJ F.U.N.K.” Ward and from what I’ve heard, a lot more is coming from this character.

U-Tern – Style, Class, Flair

Leon Zane – Swine Flew

Now I have the urge to throw on my tallest platforms and find the nearest disco ball!


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