When you think of Russia and Heavy industrial Techno, you instantly think of Proxy. Proxy is probably one of Russia’s best known exports (except for oil, hookers and awful football strikers). But wait, there’s more to Russia than these things, and it’s heavier and darker than anything found in the ground! Polymorphic. Weird, strange, bleepy music that sounds like the abortion from a Proxy and Sebastian marriage, excellent.

Polymorphic is not new to this scene, he helped Proxy remix his 500 lb bomb of a track – Raven – which destroyed 2008! Since then he’s been signed to label ‘Coco Machete‘, and released some of his own material in the form of 4 EP’s. When not making tracks, he’s remixing them. Having also remixed not just Proxy, but also Fukkk Offf and AutoKratz to acclaimed success and hasn’t looked back since.

So why am I writing all this? Why am I writing about tracks that were released in 2008? Because I’m ridiculously excited about Proxy’s album finally being released and the rumour is, that the majority of the remixes will be re-edited for future release. Which means more filth from Polymorphic, until then play Scream and smash the dial round to max!

Polymorphic – Scream

ProxyRaven (Polymorphic Remix)

ProxyWho Are You (Polymorphic Remix)

AutokratzSpeaking in Silence (Polymorphic Remix)

Cant Handle the darkness? Come back into the gentle Electro light you fucking pussy, with Bloody Beetroots remix of Who Are You.

Proxy Who Are You (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

4th Level Zombie.



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  1. wow i love this blog and rock band.

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