Sunny and discorganised

Waking up without a hangover or feeling like someone has filled my mouth with sawdust, is strange experience. Especially as it is a Saturday morning,  I’ve also awoken not fearing the sunlight but embracing it! Actually just going to bed was weird enough. Still I was enjoying this fine day so much,  I actually got out of bed at 8 (in the morning) and had breakfast in my garden, slightly deceiving as it was fucking freezing (I’m well aware its April not July) but it still didn’t dampen my mood.

This mood was lifted further by delving into the iTunes library and pulling out summery Disco tracks, Some old, some new. Which is the topic of today’s post. The seasons are changing and most of these tracks will be on your summer playlist unless of course you have Kara Simsek trying to turn you into a Gabber freak.

Fenech Soler Stop and Stare (Jaymo and Andy George Remix)

The Black Project In The Disco (Original Remix)

Two Door Cinema ClubUndercover Martyn (Whatever Whatever Remix)

PuziqueDont Go (Original Remix)

For when your Disco Party goes Weird – Strip SteveBreakin’ (Rynecologist Remix)

4th Level Zombie.

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