M.I.A RETURNS with a stonking new video / short film which can be streamed on vimeo via the link below :

Brooding and reflective moments of death metal drums, synthesized strings and sirens which samples from Suicide‘s track Ghost Rider explode into action with the refrain ‘I WAS BORN FREE’ with a whole load of 90s club / dub reverb on that lyric

The video cuts right to the core of her politically ostracized views and pulls alot of punches (cite ginger kid’s exploding head) to get her message across. The track will be downloadable from midnight tonight on M.I.A’s website. A MUST SEE >>>

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.




5 Responses to “BORN FREE”

  1. mia = FIT!

    Liking the 3d picture! I wish they were all like that…

  2. …wicked video. Romain Gavras is a fuckin genius

  3. Rudolf Cech Says:

    That image is SICK

  4. One of the best promos i’ve seen in years. 3D MIA = all sorts of multidimensional fitness! Big up Romain Gavras!

  5. […] released his new video for ‘Grape Aerosmith’. Its probably the most bizarre promo since M.I.A’s ‘Born Free‘. That isn’t a very long time, so what is with the trend for blowing up brains of […]

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