Techno Monday

God I love Mondays! I love waking up, hauling myself out of bed at some silly time in the morning only to be greeted by a cold bitter sun. It’s at that moment that you realise the weekend definitely ended some time ago and you’re going to have to go to work. To add to your woes you haven’t ironed anything and you almost certainly didn’t head to the shops on Sunday (unless it was for more booze) so now you have no breakfast for today. This was my brilliant start to the week.

Sound familiar? So now I was late for work and stuck in traffic, there was  only one thing that kept me from sliding into a suicidal rage and that was Clash The Disko Kid’s brilliant new mix tape for Oh My God It’s Techno Music. OMGITM are up to their 27th guest installment for their mixtape range and it’s the second one for CTDK’s.

You know what you’re getting with CTDK and this mixtape is no exception, absolutely stonking Techno. A few of the CTDK’s own tracks make an appearance along with the usual array of new and nearly new techno-electro tracks, worth a listen? Definitely, because it saved my day…

AerotronicSex & Cigarettes (Hostage Remix)

BoobleStachus (Fat and Ugly Remix)

D.I.MLevel (Original Remix)

Kill The NoiseRoots (Original Remix)

Clash The Disko KidsOMGITM 27

4th Level Zombie.





01 Highbloo – My Sitar
02 NT89 – Poopa
03 Brodinski – Arnold Classics (Tony Senghore Staggering Daggering Re-Edit)
04 Highbloo – Guiro
05 Oliver Twizt ft. Maluca – Loca
06 Kill The Noise – Roots
07 Aerotronic – Sex & Cigarettes (Hostage Remix)
08 D.I.M – Level
09 Monolyte – Siberia (Jelo Remix)
10 Bobble – Stachus ( Fat & Ugly Remix)
11 Clash The Disko Kids – Aneurysm (Nando Remix)
12 IllStM – Moctezuma (Instrumental Mix)
13 Volatie – Ignition
14 Dex Pistols – Birds of Paradise (LapSap & Gold Remix)
15 aUtOdiDakT feat. Super Super – Here We Go (Distrakt Remix)
16 Dolby Anol – Weapons of Mass Distraction
17 Bassventura – So Nasty (BEENS Remix)
18 Clash The Disko Kids – Aneurysm (Aerotronic Remix)
19 S-file – Midnight Traffic (Clash The Disko Kids Remix)
20 Landlord – I Like It (Slim Fit & Modek Remix)

2 Responses to “Techno Monday”

  1. Tunage Bryson

  2. […] heard ‘Weapons of Mass Distraction’ on the Clash The Disco Kids mixtape that was posted here last week. After hearing that – I went on a hunt, bought a couple of their EP’s and […]

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