Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

So the new DFA tune is sheeeeeer bigness! If you downloaded the recent Aeroplane essential mix that I recently posted here, you’ll hear them playing it in all its glory. Check the tune out below – and help yourself to the Emporer Machine mix!

So, who are Black Van I hear you ask? Well kids, let me tell you…

Black Van are DFA‘s latest sensation. New York based DFA have always been responsible for providing us mortals with ground breaking electronic music (most notably disco), that’s always rough around the edges yet forward thinking at the same time. Their latest find ‘Black Van’ is a collaboration between KoweSix & Kris Menace, who both hail from Germany. I know zilch about KoweSix, but I do know a lot about Kris Menace; he’s responsible for numerous techno bangers in a similar vein to DJ Hell’s productions. With ‘Yearning’, Black Van’s first release as a collaborative, they have put themselves firmly on the map and are instantly ones to keep an eye on in the coming year. But you don’t have to worry too much about that – we’re gonna do that for you!

Black Van – Yearning (Sorry folks, we aren’t allowed to post this. But make sure you listen/buy – it’s an anthem!)

Black Van – Yearning (Emporer Machine remix)

And if those little treats aren’t enough for you, here’s a mix they made – it’s a beaut. (We’ve been having a bit of a mixtape-fest this week! First Clash the Disco Kid’s ferocious techno/electro mix, then the Aeroplane Essential mix, and now this gem!)

Black Van – Black Van’s True Love Mix




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  1. […] posted their incredible ‘True Love’ mix here back in April – which has became one of my most listened-to mixes of all time. We highly […]

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