LCD Soundsystem new album AND Holy Ghost! remix!

Excitement personified – good times being had – lock up your daughters etc etc – 17th May is gonna be a good day!! Not just because it’s the day before my birthday (if you need any ideas on what to get me just ask) but because it’s my birthday the following day LCD Soundsystem are releasing their 3rd album! Woohoo!

(Actually, why the fuck am I bragging about my birthday?? I’m gonna be 29. Long.)

ANYWAY – LCD Soundsystem return with ‘This Is Happening’, and being the lucky bunch that we are, we already have our hands on a copy. I shall confirm to you now that it’s pure win in a case. Murphy, with his inventive style, is on top form – but then it doesn’t really doesn’t come as too much of a surprise seeing as everything he touches turns to gold. Expect all the usual dance-laden beats, quirky, shouty and abstract lyrics along with anthemic melodies. I’m not sure if I would say it’s the best album I’ve ever heard – but I would also urge you to go buy it as you won’t be disappointed. This will certainly be making my top ten albums of 2010.

Great work.

For those of you desperate to hear it – you can stream it here. Otherwise, pre-order it here!

Below is the track 1 from the album – great way to start an album if you ask me.

LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean

But hold on a second… what’s this here? A Holy Ghost! remix of one of the new tracks off the album????? Oh my giddy aunt it most certainly is, and I would like to confirm that it dicks ALL OVER the original. It’s so good in fact that it almost seems like it should BE the original… Download now.

LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! remix)




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