I love Anol

Dolby Anol are a production duo based in Berlin and Glasgow who consist of Graham Peel and Danananakroyd drummer/singer John Bailie Jnr. I’d best describe their sound as electro house drenched in disco, as their tunes range from filtered, stabby disco to absolutely BELTING electro. The songs, whilst being quite generic in terms of noises used – set themselves apart from other electro gashness by incorporating a boundless energy that is intertwined with a whole host of cheeky yet intelligent squeaks and bleeps that help break up the songs rhythm and unleash drops which are guaranteed to keep the dancefloor losing the plot throughout the entirety of the tune.

They’re an act that have been on my radar for a while now, but I never really paid them too much attention until very recently when I heard ‘Weapons of Mass Distraction’ on the Clash The Disco Kids mixtape that was posted here last week. After hearing that – I went on a hunt, bought a couple of their EP’s and then had to let you guys in on the goodness.

Take a listen for yourself – let us know what you think!

Dolby Anol – Weapons of mass distraction

Dolby Anol – You Couldn’t Make That Up

Dolby Anol – Calling Colin (Genuine Guy remix)

Here are some other tracks for you to listen to – we can’t give them to you, but if you like what you hear, go buy more of their shit! You won’t be disappointed… I haven’t delved too far into their past, but there are lots of tunes of theirs to be discovered (if you haven’t already of course!). Rest assured, you’ll be hearing a lot more about these boys on WANARB in the future…

Dolby Anol – Calling Colin

Dolby Anol – Cameroon




One Response to “I love Anol”

  1. Bertrum Says:

    Weapons of Mass Distraction sounds massive. Really clean production.
    Great headline too!

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