King Charles at The Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

Whether you love him or hate him, King Charles is a guy I’ve heard mixed reviews about and a name I’ve been seeing everywhere recently. I accidentally saw him support Charlie Winston at Cargo in 2009, and I’ve been very keen to see if he had improved since then. The simple answer was yes – a vast improvement. He’s an artist that has come a long way with both his songwriting and his stage presence.

The night started well, I’ve never seen so many hot girls packed into the gig room at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen (and I mean proper hot, not the ‘oh my god what the hell is she wearing but I guess she’s kinda attractive’ hot that you usually see around that bar). King Charles graced the stage looking like a cross between Jack Sparrow, Jimi Hendrix and an English Gentleman of the old-school. Whether you’re a massive fan of the music or not the stage show is captivating and the band all are amazing musicians. He has some non-chalant looking backing singers that add a particularly nice contrast to the upbeat and energetic band members, taking turns at smashing snares, toms and cymbals and hitting the ‘rises’ and ‘drops’ in the music perfectly in unison. The music mixes sharp savvy guitar riffs you’d expect to see from Jimi Hendrix or Jimmy Page, a dirty synth bass, massive drums and chanting-like vocals lying somewhere between the cool indie/electro act Miike Snow and fellow English Gentleman Mumford and Sons.

I don’t think the songs are the most consistent but everything that you expect from a live performance was delivered on the night and after watching some lacklustre performances of bands like MGMT and The Temper Trap recently – both having a brilliantly consistent set of songs but delivered in the most half-arsed manner – there is certainly something about King Charles that is refreshing.

The Label ‘Mi7 Records’ is something to look out for in future, a production house, studio and label all in one – the guys behind it will be going places, with King Charles at the head of it. The song ‘Love Lust’ is the most well-known and is also by the far best in his collection of songs but I strongly recommend you go see him for yourselves before you make a judgement.

King Charles – Love Lust

Stevie Red

2 Responses to “King Charles at The Hoxton Bar & Kitchen”

  1. He’s fucking brilliant. Went to his gig in Leeds and he blew everyones head off. The dude is WIN.

  2. Plz don’t swear, but yeah he is awesome!

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