I heard this little cheeky track on the new Burns mix CD – ‘European Sex Music’ – that’s coming out in June (it’s a killer by the way – dependant on permission, we may feature it on the blog soon) and felt compelled to blog it.

Zombie Nation is one of many DJ’s who has wholeheartedly embraced the social media wave. But old Zombers has taken it one step further when he created ‘Mind of many’, where he had the brainwave of creating a track entirely made by loads of people on the web. The idea was based on his theory for internet democratic music; songs made as a collaboration involving anyone from Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. If you want to know more about it, and hear what it’s like – click here and go to his website – it makes for an interesting read/listen…

In other news, it gives me great pleasure to announce that both Zombie Nation and Tiga have just spent some time in the studio together once again!! Last time they worked together they came up with ‘The Worm’ under the guise of ZZT. Massive tune. I wonder what this next one will be like??

Zombie Nation – Worth it pt. 1




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