Exclusive Bleep43 mix from Toby Frith

Lately there’s been lots of talk of swans being slain. The Daily Mail (of course!) claims that these graceful, long necked, feathered creatures are apparently being eaten by immigrants who live in bushes and served up as curry!

However, we don’t particularly care for their xenophobic scare-mongering, and are in fact more interested in Toby Frith’s chosen method of taking out these Royal birds… oh yes, he does it old school he uses A SWORD. Toby is one of the people behind sick-ass techno night Bleep43, and as he’s also a history buff there’s no real surprise that he has opted for such a mighty weapon.

Tonight, Toby and the other Bleepers are welcoming living legend Derrick May to Corsica Studios for an epic SIX HOUR set! Also on the bill is Intergalactic Gary, one half of Cocadisco, who will present a three hour soundscape that traverses obscure Italian disco to minimal wave, techno and brutal Chicago acid.

Bleep43 is one of London’s smaller nights that packs a massive punch. Don’t believe me? Check out our exclusive mix!

Toby Frith – Take A Sword To A Swan – exclusive Beep43 mixtape for wearenotarockband.com




1. Rude 66 – As (Nicolas Courtin remix)
2. 808 State – Lift
3. Amplified Orchestra – Neon
4. KMS – Feel the Mood
5. Debbie Jacobs – High On Your Love
6. Surgeon – Atol
7. Gemini- Klonopin
8. JTC – Pump the Planet II
9. Westbam feat. Nena – Old School, Baby (Piano mix)
10. Darkman – Annihilating Rhythm
11. 2 AM/FM – Werkin’ House
12. Methusalem – Zombie
13. Arto Mwambe – Hum Along (Move D remix)
14. Noirdegout – Frog on the Beach (Marco Passarani remix)
15. Pink Project – Amama
16. Polygamy Boys – Man against Man
17. Patrick Cowley – Mind Warp
18. Los Angeles T.F. – Magical Body
19. Mr Master – Dog in the Night (Instrumental)
20. Underground Resistance – Cosmic Traveller
21. Raiders of the Lost ARP – Azymuth
22. Joerg Burger – Modernism begins at Home
23. Gemini – Z-Funk
24. Der Zyklus – Mathematische Modelle
25. ERP – Vox Automaton
26. Baby Ford – Dead Eye
27. Jeff Mills – Untitled (from Time Machine)
28. The Revolving Eyes – Light Move
29. Smith ‘n’ Hack – Falling Star
30. Third Man – Circadian Rhythms
31. Grovskopa – Sex and Violins (Surgeon remix)
32. Giorgio Moroder – Utopia
33. Isolee – Gallus
34. Freak Electrique – Parsec
35. Mika Vainio – Iasi
36. Underground Resistance – Illuminator

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