My Current Favs

Spicy Stuffs!I was really looking forward to doing a followup to the Tribal post I did here a while back by maybe getting some exclusive stuff for you guys from DJs/Producers like Toyselectah, DJ Mouse, and DJ Custom – but of course they’re too busy to reply back right now!

In the mean time I’ve been busy trying to get some DJ gigs and playing at summer style parties these past weeks here in Texas. School is almost out (although I immediately go into summer school) so I’ll probably have more time to post random stuff like what I’m about to post!

These are some of the songs I’ve been playing at almost every party I’ve played at the past month – I hope you guys enjoy, most of them sound nothing alike (and in no way are these in any particular order)

Hot Chocolate – Heaven’s In The Backseat of My Cadillac

Jamtech Foundation – Run The Track

Casco – Cybernetic Love

Fulanito – El Cepollo (DJ Punish 2010 Bootleg)

Basement Jaxx – Everybody (Canblaster Ballroom remix)


Sharkslayer – Hammerhead

Juan Magan – Mariah (Mastiksoul Remix)

Galaxy Birthday – The Way You Make Me Feel (Plaisir de France re-edit)

Green Velvet & Santiago & Bushido – Turn It Up (Original Mix)


4 Responses to “My Current Favs”

  1. Got some good tunes here, I could imagine these getting played at any party!

  2. thank you mam! they seem to be working for me when i play them for pool,house, and after parties = )

  3. Rick Martinez Says:

    Dude what part of Texas are you in?! I am in Texas too! El Paso is my hometown but I’ll be in Houston all Summer

  4. haha that’s pretty funny man! i’m from El Paso and yeah im still here! just waiting on a few things to happen so i can move my ass outta here = )

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