Essential Boy 8-bit

Strange thing waking up at 9 o’clock on a Sunday morning instead of going to bed. I feel alive today, full of beans. Usually I wouldn’t even have the strength to turn my laptop on let alone muster the energy to write a blog. However, here I am and what an ideal subject for a post I’m throwing together.

Following hot on the heels of HazMat’s post about a soundcloud mixtape of unreleased tracks, Boy 8-Bit took his turn on last nights Essential Mix. I wish the rumour about Boy 8-Bit actually being another alias for Fake Blood was true because this would make one man a musical genius – Like a modern age Beethoven. But having now seen a picture of Boy 8-Bit, it’s pretty obvious he’s not Fake Blood and a huge fan of Warhammer instead. This doesn’t change the fact that this Essential Mix is amazing and I expected nothing less.

Anyway less talking, more listening. Bonus? Yes plenty of remixes of the Boy 8-Bit tracks including the brilliantly thumping remix of Baltic Pine (skip to 2:43).

Boy 8-BitWolfen (Jokers of the Scene Remix)

Boy 8-Bit Baltic Pine(Run Hide Survive Remix)

Florence and the MachineDrumming Song (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

Boy 8-BitEssential Mix 15-05-2010

4th Level Zombie.



01. Boy 8-Bit — The Blood Tide [White]

02. Aleem — Get Loose Dub [NIA]

03. Eli Escobar — Glass House [Plant Music]

04. Patrick Turner — Planets Align [Inversus Records]

05. DJ Sprinkles — Grandcentral Pt 1 (MCDE Remix Dub) [Endless Flight]

06. Ali Love — Love Harder (Jokers of The scene Unreleased Remix) [White]

07. Gui Boratto — The Glam [Kompakt]

08. Kolombo — Acai [Boxer Recordings]

09. Liz Cirelli — Ultraviolet [LouLou]

10. Kaiser Souzai — Altocumulus Floccus (Piemont Remix) [Yellow Tail]

11. Visti & Meyland — All Night Long (Trentemoller Remix) [Eskimo]

12. Justin Martin — Get Low [Dirty Bird]

13. Diamond K — Damn Track [White]

14. Boy 8-Bit — Tropical Heat [White]

15. Mele — Bombay (Nadastrom Remix) [Mixpak]

16. DJ Will Roc — Twilight Zone [Unruly]

17. Zombie Disco Squad — The Duke Sound [Made To Play]

18. Footsteps — Worker [White]

19. Detroit Grand Pubahs — Sandwedges (Unknown Mix) [White]

20. Ron Hardy — Sensation (Obi Blanche Remix) [White]

21. Carte Blanche — Black Billionaires [Ed Banger]

22. Alan Fitzpatrick — Green Light [Tokio]

23. Boy 8-Bit — Yard Birds [Turbo]

24. Boy 8-Bit — The Keep [This is Music]

25. Boy 8-Bit — Baltic Pine (Roy Apron Dub) [White]

26. Ink & Needle — Thirteen [Tattoo]

27. Bookashade Vs Mandy — Donut (Boy 8-Bit Remix) [Living the Dream]

28. Boy 8-Bit — An Impending Sense Of Doom [White]

29. MMM — Nous Sommes [MMM]

30. Pig & Dan — Terminate [Cocoon]

31. Leftfield — Phat Planet (Dave Clarke Remix) [Hard Hands]

32. Thomas Schumacher — Red Purple [Spiel-zeug Schallplatten]

33. Joe and Will Ask? — The Rusty Pig [Gulp]

34. Florence and The Machine — Drumming Song (Boy 8-Bit remix) [White]

35. Yousef — Come Home [Cocoon]

36. Josh One — Contemplation (King Britt Remix — Mat Playford Edit) [Social Problem]

37. Rodriguez Jr. — Pandora [Leena Music]

One Response to “Essential Boy 8-bit”

  1. WOW he’s got a mane of flame hair. Thus we all know he’s a good person.

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