King Popof

If you’re into techno then I’m sure you’re into Popof. He has a very distinctive sound – the production is polished, stomping, and all his builds and drops are thrust in your face with satisfying predictability. I’ve been a MASSIVE fan of his for years now, yet he’s only ever featured on the blog once when we exclusively released his Martin Solveig remix here.

Popof has been a stalwart on the French underground rave scene since way back in the early nineties where he used to produce full-on pounding 160+bpm techno/hardcore (Kara, you’ll love it if you heard it). He now has he attention firmly fixed on the more accepted 130bpm(ish) sound and has been causing huge stirs with it. Since 2007/2008 he has been churning out tune after tune and it shows no sign of relenting. Even if you’re not a techno head (which I’m not too much if I’m honest), you’ll find it hard not to love this guy.

This track is what prompted this post today. Huge.

Vitalic – Flashmob (Popof remix)

Here are some other killers he’s done. Such a tough decision on which tunes to put up – I have about 30 of his tracks and they all rock…

Zoo Brazil – Fancy (Popof Remix)

Depeche Mode – Hole to feed (Popof remix)

This is a video I took of a Erol Alkan playing a Popof remix of Motherfuckin’ Bass by DJ Rush (there are 2 versions). Wait for the drop! (I’m sorry Neil – I don’t have this version on mp3 for you!)




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