London superclub ‘matter’ closes down

It’s been made official – London superclub ‘matter’, based at the O2 dome in Greenwich, has been closed down and is likely to never open its doors again. Problems with the Jubilee Line, lack of transport facilities, distant location and the recession have led to poorer than expected attendances in this, one of London’s last true superclubs. It’s not clear whether they will put on one last night or not – so keep your eyes peeled for that as tickets will go in seconds if they do.

Rumours of Matter’s closure begun circulating on the Ravetalk forums on 16 May, and DJ Yousef had also confirmed the closure on the Circus Club forum. The forum thread was later removed, but it is reported that he said:

“You may as well hear it from me. Due to many reasons, the main one being the lack of transport to the venue, Matter has shut for the summer. Sad times. They are an amazing bunch down there.”

Following this, comments posted on forums have confirmed this, with someone who preferred to remain anonymous saying:

“I work for Matter London. It has closed for the indefinite future. They say it may open at the end of the summer, but how likely of this we are unsure. Look out for an official statement within the next few days!”

Earlier today, Isobel1 said:

“I also work at Matter…. it is definatly closing and there is no way we can open after the summer. It has been struggling ever since it opened with many job losses from literally day one. We are in alot of debt which cannot be paid due to the running costs of the venue and the amounts that DJs charge for appearances. Its a sad day but it is true.”

Matter opened on 19 September 2008, after three years of planning. Boasting a 2,600 capacity , it was the second project for owners Cameron Leslie and Keith Reilly, founders of Fabric. With its demise, we have lost a club kitted out with several unique visual installations, a sound system of some 200 speakers(!) and the next generation version of Fabric’s ‘BodySonic’ dance floor, the ‘BodyKinetic’ floor.

With yet another superclub closing down, the ‘demise of the superclub’ debate will once again be re-ignited, with universal fears of us losing our national treasure – Fabric – at the forefront of most peoples thoughts. Surely it’s only a matter of time before Ministry Of Sound follows suit? (I can’t say I’ll be too upset about that if I’m honest). Let’s wait and see…


45 Responses to “London superclub ‘matter’ closes down”

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  2. Good piece. Can’t say I’m sad about this one – any venue like this will attract idiots, and it did.

  3. I never went to matter but couple mates did and sed it was one of their best clubs nights they had ever been on . They flew over from Jersey to go to it, so your the idiot Jon. do1

  4. i went der wiv my m8s loadsa tik blokes in der n no idiotz. we wnt 4 da dnb n da grime nts it woz alwys bangin mash up n ting. mybe ur der idiiot 4 nt likin it!! LOL

  5. I’m with Jon on this one, great sound system, amazing line ups, full of twats.

    Fabric’s the same, it’s just in a much better location…

  6. @ Carly. I realise you used some pretty big words in your short paragraph but could please learn to spell, use correct grammer, punctuation and vocabulary (you’ve used the word “der” to describe “there” & “the”, which one is it?).

    Stop desecrating the Queen’s.

  7. @ Adam wot r u a teecha? i h8 skl neva go xcept to pik up lmao. if dey did a gcse in ravin id get a* LOL

  8. I went once and had an AMAZING time – so my memories are good, but did hear reports that it was just full of chavs (like carly)

  9. madcrazyboy Says:

    Carly, was it you that sucked me off in the toilet for a pil? I’d recognise that gob anywhere…

  10. No, I’m not a teacher but it’s clear you are in desperate need of one. I’m curious as to whether you think you are spelling these words correctly or are just trying to sound like you’re ‘down with kids’?

    You go to school to pick up what exactly? Crabs?!

    If you could write your next comment using correct grammar and spelling, that would be marvellous!

  11. @ Adam crabs?!? ROFLMAO! i dnt live nr der c! if u woz a teecha ud b betta at jografy wldnt ya? ahahaa LOL

  12. Unfortunately the joke is on you Carly. I think it’s pretty obvious that i don’t mean the shellfish variety. Based on madcrazyboy’s comment I’m assuming you put it about a lot.

    What is this jografy you speak of? I’m almost certain you mean geography but you could be describing a new craze I’m yet to hear of – jogging whilst serving for the raf maybe?

  13. jessica Says:

    im gutted matter has shut down always had a good night ther need to get my money back bought a ticket for laid back luke

  14. carly u jst ruined my while argument, ur a fucking idiot for sayin them sort things, ” i only go to skl to pick u?” srt out ay. my original point was tht a lot of people go ther for the music and arnt just idiots. You might look down on poeple who do takes drugs ther but thats al part of it for some people

  15. *whole argument

  16. i go 4 da muzik i sed i go 4 grime n dnb n dem fit boyz r jst a bunus LOL
    i neva sor it lk in dat foto tho. bare empti musta bin sum shity miminimal teckno nyt! i h8 dat sht all dem blips n shit – i lyk it bangin bruv!

  17. Thanks for that delightful insight Carly. Please, for the sake of the human race, never add your dna to the gene pool. I think the world we be a better place without it.

  18. cring @ Adam’s attempts to be funny. you are just soo totally post modern and like ironic.

  19. *cringe

  20. Matter was one of those rare nights that i’d go to once every 2 months. If it was the same for over 2000 people, then I can see why it’d shut down!

    To be fair Adam, no matter how someone spells if we all go to Matter for the music and ‘gash’, whats the problem? Understanding doesn’t meaning criticising, it just means accepting and agreeing. Tbf school ain’t for everyone!

  21. @ Sam – If you can pick out the postmodernism and irony in any of the comments i have made today I’ll apologise and rest my case, safe in the knowledge there are educated people out there

    @ James – Understanding does not mean agreeing, not in the slightest. If we all agreed with the BMP’s understanding of how the country should be run then we’d all be fucked wouldn’t we!

  22. yeah no worries hon, there are some of us still around.x

  23. how can u say matter and fabric and shit? you fucknig fools ppl talk about these clubs from all over!! Yer matter can attract fools but its about the music!! Fabric will always be a great night out!

  24. Adam u seem like a right stuck up cunt!!

  25. Look guys.. this comment box is supposed to be about the article in hand, not about Adam’s clear disrespect for a social class other than his own.
    @ Carly, yes you are spelling things incorrectly and don’t make a lot of sense, but Adam has no right to judge you or say anything which would be deemed as looking down on you as we all have the right of free speech and to say/do what we want. And that includes the way we spell on forums. There are no rules against it. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  26. fanx james i woz feelin a bit bullid by dese gys. shows dat ravers lk afta ravers, boomshank, peec n luv 2u bruv!!! pollitiks is shit, all de madness n ting dey jst nd 2 sprk up a fat reefa pt on sum regay n kik bk LMAO cn u emagin avin a blaze wiv der quine? LMAO!!!!

  27. carly can you please stop talking so much shit, i knw wher ur coming frm nd tht but everytime some1 tries to help u out u jst tlk more shit. end of day , we love matter , we love fabric , we love the atmosphere even if some of the ppl are cunts wen everyones togeva no1 gives a shit

  28. I only went to matter once but it was an absolute mission. You have to walk from the tube around some weird gates for about 15 minutes before you even get to the door queue. There’s hardly any signs, so half the people on the way there thought they were lost !

    The sound system is good but it’s full of pikeys and people who think it’s cool to come to London and go to a big club, not people that were into the music. At least not on the night i went.

    I do love the lineups that fabric/matter has, but there’s just so many dicks at the club and always some fight kicking off. most of the DJs that play there will play somewhere similar in London at some point, so i just go and see them there as i can’t be bothered with Fabric or matter anymore. It’s a shame, especially with The End gone

  29. ksimsek Says:

    The thing is, lots of people got really freaked out when The End and Turnmills shut, but look at what has popped up in their place… in the ‘Superclub’ category we’ve got Cable and The Arches and I’m also really loving the abundance of smaller venues (but esp around Dalston and New X) where independent promoters and DJs can give people some amazing nights out!

    It’s undeniably sad that Matter has closed, simple fact is that people have lost their jobs and no one wants that during a ‘recession’, but we gotta be excited about what will rise from its ashes, and happy for those hard working people that they’ve got their Friday and Saturday nights back!

    I’m ashamed to admit (and a bit gutted) that I never actually made it to Matter. Like Boz said, it was really just a massive mission and never offered anything that I wouldn’t be able to get somewhere else another time. Guess you REALLY don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone!

  30. @ Adam, you’ve gotten a bit too hyped. There are certain extremities involved, understanding and agreeing with the BNP involves politics and the way a country is run.

    Reading a girls message in the way she likes to talk, expressing her own views, is something else. At least she won’t be discriminating against ethnic minorities, aye?

  31. I agree with the Kara and Boz. It definitely is sad that it’s gone. It seems crazy that people can just slate a venue that holds 2600 people, 200 speakers and bodykinetic dancefloor, just because some of the people go their are slightly chavvy?

    We are, and over the years, have been very spoilt here in london – but I think we should actually take a step back and realize that people all over the world would kill to get to see the clubs and DJ’s that we take for granted here week in week out.

    I went to matter and had an amazing night. I would agree though, it was an ABSOLUTE mission to get there. Still, gutted that it’s gone.

    If you ask me – it’s all about warehouse parties anyway! So watch our for ours this summer. You heard it here first. (shameless plug)


  32. It’s a shame, I really liked Matter. Living in Kent it was on my doorstep and went there often, rather than trek to London. As Boz said, it was full of posers rather than people who were there for the music. The headliners were always on ridiculously early either to cater for the “leave at 1pm for a kebab” bunch or because they got a cheaper booking. The women always made an effort mind you, which wasn’t a bad thing 🙂

    @Carly – yew relly nid ta git FyreFox as it undalynez evryfink n red spewt rong, so ya look les ova spaz ona 4rum innit

  33. I went to 4 Hospitality nights and they were all truly awesome! Hardly any twats on those nights. I heard it is a different story at the Ram events because unfortunately jump up seems to attract more idiots. Haven’t been to Fabric in about 3 years but apparently it ain’t what it used to be. The End closed and now Matter too. Where on earth will I rave?!

  34. […] London superclub ‘matter’ closes down […] […]

  35. I went to matter plenty and never saw any dicks there. It wasn’t exactly “underground”, but still a far cry from a Gatecrasher or similar. Matter was awesome in my opinion for providing consistently amazing lineups at great ticket prices. I never saw a matter lineup I wouldn’t have enjoyed being there for.

    This is a great loss for London.

    @Adam I agree with you on the whole, but you’re making yourself look stuck up and pretentious.
    @Carly You’re just making yourself look stupid, as in really really thick. You probably aren’t – so why make it look that way?

  36. Richard Smith Says:

    Very sorry to hear that !
    @ ksimsek Cable is going down faster than Titanic

  37. Chicago Says:

    @HazMat, you sure are right – I am making my way over from Chicago and out of fabric, MOS and matter I was actually the most excited to get to matter. We sometimes gets some big headliners but not like London. I am pissed I can’t get to matter now, RIP

  38. Shame it’s closed – anywhere that shuts down means peoples jobs. That said, I went to Matter a few times – absolute mission to get there, massively overpriced (20 quid for two double vodkas and lemonade? C’mon!), £25 to get in (and no big DJ’s, Kinky Malinki night), only one room open and felt like I was in a local Ritzy with the crowd there. Coupled with a £20 taxi fare home to a place one tube stop from there – the reason people aren’t going is it’s just too expensive. We spent over £250 each getting there and back from East London, entry and drinks for the night. Not a great night either and lacking atmosphere.

    People aren’t going because it’s just TOO expensive in todays climate.

  39. Jim Jam Says:

    Amazing place, such a shame because it really is an amazing clubbng exerience. Like everyone else where has said though, it is just too expensive.

    I’m not made of money (unfortunately) and it goes a lot further supporting smaller venues and smaller club nights a lot closer to home.

  40. I’ve been to 5 Hospitality nights, and one Mixmag night and had eaaasily some of the best nights of my life at Matter. A lot of people on here saying there’s a lot of dickheads in Matter, but that’s something I’ve never ever seen/had a problem with, though that may be due to the Liquid nights I went to. Fabric on the other hand, I’ve been to once to see Nero, Reso and Scratch Perverts, and maybe because it was Dubstep or whatever, but there were people just standing around in the middle of the dancefloor cramping everyone’s style, some dude got a bottle smashed over his head, there were fights kicking off everywhere, it just really wasn’t enjoyable.

    I’m devastated about Matter closing, in my opinion, it was easily the best club in the UK, and with the Hospitality nights, gathered the best crowd and the best drugs. RIP Matter.

  41. I’ve been a few times at matter and I have to say that people varies a lot depending on the night… Always loved the sound system (the bodykinetic is something that needs to be experienced)… and if you like music and dancing, then the rest of the people don’t really matter when you’re enjoying matter’s experience…
    It’s also true that making it to matter (and even worst coming back home) is a terrible mission … way too far away from everywhere so I understand they’re closing down…

  42. Me and my girlfriend went to down to Matter from Scotland and we had an amazing time at Matter. Green Velvet, Shapeshifters and Nic Fanciulli were playing and were all amazing.

    Totally suprised at the crowd comments. When we were there, the crowd were really friendly and we didn’t see any bother at all. It reminded us a bit of the clubs in Ibiza as everyone looked like they were having a great time and loving the music being played.

    Travel point though, I can’t comment on. We were lucky in staying in the Hilton hotel at Canary Wharf. So getting back wasnt too much of a problem for us.

    Completely agree with Alex, I thought it was the best club in the UK after I went but I am not lucky enough to stay in London and have the pic of the crop of clubs / nights on my door step.

    Totally gutted it has closed down as I really wanted to go back down with my mates. RIP Matter, I really do hope you open up again at some point as everyone who loves clubbing should make the effort to experience the place.

  43. Imalitagams Says:

    то что я искал, спасибо

  44. mac…

    […]London superclub ‘matter’ closes down « we are not a rock band[…]…

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