James Zabiela – Life

I got to see one of my favourite DJ’s, UK’s James Zabiela on the weekend in Melbourne and he didn’t disappoint. Showing off some of his mad technical wizardry behind the decks (nobody scratches like Zabiela!) and playing some banging tracks (including one of my faves,the Timo Maas remix of the classic Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence).

The best part of the night was leaving with a free copy of Zabiela’s latest mix for the Renaissance Masters Series – Life (he’s giving it away to everyone who attends his gigs, what a gun!) which absolutely blew my mind!

It was completely different from the set that I’d just heard with a much more down-tempo, listen at home feel (although still as impeccably mixed as always) and showed a different side to Zabiela. It’s beautifully programmed, with a blend of ecletic electronica, breakbeats and tech house that, combined with James’ recordings of everyday sounds, gives us a journey through his musical interpretation of life. Let me tell you, if his life is as euphoric and gorgeous as this mix, I’m very jealous of him! Definitely one of the albums of 2010 for me.




One Response to “James Zabiela – Life”

  1. James Zabiela is a real master behind the decks! Looking forward to hearing his latest mix on Renassance.

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