Black Holes

Black HolesBack in 2008, you know, the year Crookers were getting big? I heard of this duo called Black Holes from Chicago. They were freakin’ raw and amazing and I loved it all. But after they did a remix for Little Jinder in a remix contest, they just flat out disappeared. What a Sad moment indeed…

Well it’s nice to know they’re still alive and kicking as they’ve sent out their latest production. Enjoy the new with a little bit of old!

New Stuff

Black Holes – Avon

Black Holes – Avon (Sparkletone Remix)

Oldies But Goodies

Black Holes – I’m A Beast

The Cool Kids – Caked Up (Black Holes Remix)


2 Responses to “Black Holes”

  1. this stuff is bangin! they need to get some more recognition

  2. I’m glad you liked the tunes anna = ) woot

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