Rumours begin about Fabric closing down


So, after getting no response from Fabric about these closing down rumours (see below) I made some calls to find out if there’s any truth to the tripe on Twitter. My very well placed source told me:

“The club went in to administration 8 years ago and got through it. If the rumours about it going in to administration now are true, then it won’t be the end of Fabric, that’s for sure!”

They even added that they’d been emailing people at Fabric that day, and I got a listings email through only half an hour ago. It all appears to be business as usual at their Farringdon HQ.

So rest easy, it’s not as bad as it seems. At least it doesn’t seem to be!

— ksimsek

 Tweets and rumours are starting to appear claiming that London is set to lose another club. We broke the news that Matter is to close for good just last week, and now it seems like sister club Fabric is also set to close its doors.

Rumours were started by Ben Watt, of Buzzin’ Fly Records, via twitter, earlier today.

“i am told BOTH matter AND fabric have gone into administration”

In layman’s terms, the people who owned Fabric, owned Matter, and Matter’s failure seems to have dragged Fabric down with it.

Ben continues telling us that

“all fabric and matter staff have been made redundant”

With Ben adding that,

“all staff made redundant as of earlier this week. already hunting for new jobs.”

Don’t get sad yet though, it’s not the worst news – going into administration doesn’t necessarily mean a club will shut for good, many football teams have been in this situation before and got out of it (mainly with points deductions!). If it’s true though, it does mean that there’ll be a shake up in the way it operates. More of a shake up than their most recent move away from paperless flyers.

So it’s too soon to tell exactly what the outcome of this will be, Fabric is a national institution, and it’s hard to believe with the lines outside the door week in and week out they’ll be shut for long. We’ll be keeping a close watch on it… And keeping our fingers crossed that these rumours are just that.


2 Responses to “Rumours begin about Fabric closing down”

  1. huakai1 Says:

    I hope not! If it does, then im glad that i am able to say that i have gracedthe decks there in all the rooms

  2. Goddamn thats bad news.
    I hope it ain’t necessarily, or fundamentally, true!

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