The Klaxons have turned into one of those bands that people love to hate. Personally, I don’t hate them – in fact I highly rate them – they made an amazing album back in 2007, no? Ironically, the reasons for them being hated is down to their extraordinary success. They spearheaded an entire fashion / cult movement – spawning the nu-rave obsession that swept over us in ’07 and ’08. I’m a strong believer that, had they not been the first ones there and thus caused the revolution, people would just see them as a great band – not as a band with a stature way above their stations.

I remove myself from the politics of the whole nu-rave thing and just see a band that made some damn good tunes. I’ve also been eagerly awaiting anything new by them – especially after hearing that they recorded an ENTIRE album which was rejected by their record label. It seemed like things were starting to point towards self implosion – crazy levels of fame, profit-driven record label and the fact I’d often see members of the band drugged up to the eyeballs at after-parties in and around Shoreditch. After all, it can’t be easy having so much expectation on your shoulders! (My alternative concern was that they would produce a corporate bullshit album that their record label forced them to make – Kings Of Leon anyone?)

But cast all this aside – instead, we’ve got Flashover – exactly what I was hoping for. They’ve shirked the nu-rave sound (rightfully) and instead have just made a mosh-tastic, belter of a song. It’s pretty much a fingers up to everyone, and shows that they are great at writing tunes, and not at selling out. It may not be to everyone’s taste – but for me, I’d rather hear something this non-chart friendly any day of the week. Plus I love thrashy stuff like this anyway.

Let’s wait and see what their album comes up with…

Klaxons – Flashover





  1. Mattatat Says:

    For me this is exactly what they have done- made the album the label wants them to make. It sounds like Myths… Part 2 to me. Same silly space age lyrics “myriads of silver discs”? Pardon? And same Gravity’s Rainbow guitar line.

    I heard 3 new tunes last summer (live) and they sounded rad- like slowish nu disco piano house type thing. A little like Two Receivers off Myths… and I hope they aren’t in with the album that the label killed. Most anticipated album of the year? Possibly….

  2. GeoTheRockGirl Says:

    I just loved the music! Now we have a much heavier and gloomy sound! There are times that reminded me Arctic Monkeys, still don’t know why. This blog was the first who find with the full Flashover! Yehhhhhh \ o /
    Thanks and congrats!


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