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A little while back, I was supposed to go and see Chrome Hoof and HEALTH at the Southbank center, for reasons I can’t explain I couldn’t make it, a decision that makes me hate me self a little bit more as each misreable day goes past. Why God, why  did I miss the robot diva  and her own personal homeage to cyber punk cults such as New Romancer? And why did I miss the  hellish nightmare sounds of HEALTH…? Well because I’m lame, end of. This video however, is so many kinds of amazing. Once again, I SUCK.




dreamcrusher – Noise Death from The USA!

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I love noise.

From the current aggressive electronics of Huoratron to avant garde experimentalist Cementimental (witnessed playing a tobacco tin filled with contact mics for 8 hours in a muddy field at last years Offset Festival). I remember the first time I heard ‘Waters of Nazareth‘ by Justice and thought the tide was turning on popular dance music. This was it, the sonic apocalype was upon us. I’ve since been turned on to some great bands like Synapscape and Nurse with Wound and amazed by recounted tales of Japanese noise gigs, collapsed buildings and industrial carnage.

NOTE: See a rare snap of Hanatarash’s legendary bulldozer gig, in which he demolished a building onto his audience – HERE

There is a certain beauty in chaos.

This leads me on to dreamcrusher.

I first heard his Erykah Badu ‘The Healer’ remix, a doom-laden experiment in electronic disturbance. A subsequent evening spent trying to find any physical releases I could get my hands on turned me onto the ‘Anti Pop/Reykjavik EP’. After tracking him down on facebook I was dazzled by a barrage of amphetamine fueled status updates. An explosion of links and seedy youtube clips, trashy pop gems, thrash noise, Bauhaus, MIA and dreamcrusher’s ‘Record of the Day’ chosen with a relentlessly frenetic eclecticism.

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Male Bonding – Nothing Hurts

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Oooh errrr Missus, not too sure about the band name, but it’s nice to hear a UK band to be positive about. Merging two distinctly American styles in grunge/surfer, they show that despite the deluge of quality of North American acts at the mo, there are British acts out there to get the whistle whetted about.

My personal fave off their album Nothing Hurts, is Weird Feelings, just for the fact that the intro makes me reminisce about Negative Creep, and when songs set their stall out early doors through the art of a simple driving bassline.

With a touring schedule not seen since Jesus decided to up sticks and go preaching around Galilee,  there’s no excuse to see these fella’s live.

Male Bonding – Years Not Long





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N.E.R.D. Nerdy beat jugglers or hardcore hip-hop honey hounding gangsters?…I just can’t tell.

And more to the point I don’t really care, I’m here to talk about old school (am I allowed to call him that yet?) WANARB favourite, and all round wall-to-wall-soaked-in-reverb-crazy-German-techno-bangers; Boys Noize. Who continues to tour week in week out, yet also continues to churn out jacking face melters of great proportion. I wonder how he does it? I barely have enough time to wipe the grit out of my bed in the morning before heading off to the mill. Baffling.

Anywho, I’m not complaining, in fact I’m joyously rejoicing in this generously jovial jaunt that he has graced our jinboxes with (ok I went a j too far then, but i’m excited!). Ignore the flat peak vocal intro and wait for this meat and two veg chugger to really get going. More a mid set dancefloor gathering affair than a hands in the air end of the night job, it still delivers deep.

N.E.R.DHot-n-Fun (Boys Noize Remix)


P.s My name is biftathekid and I’ll be your host for a few choice moments on this wonderful blog, also I have no shame when it comes to music, so expect some show stoppingly bad posts. Word.



Obi Blanche – Sho’ Nuff

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Apologies for the lack of postage recently, we’ve all been a bit manic with our day jobs which has made blogging quite hard, fear not though, we’ve got loads of stuff in the pipe line and posts will be back to their old frequency very soon.

Not to be confused with Carte Blanche (who we also love). I first heard Obi Blanche around this time last year, having recently discovered his New Judas label mate (and fellow Finn) Huoratron, I was checking out the other artists on the New Judas roster when I came across him. Finding myself instantly drawn in by his tough electro/breaks combo, it’s definitely a sound which flicks my switch.

His latest EP ‘Sho’ Nuff is out on What What Records this Friday (25th June). Listen below via the sound cloud link then nab yourself a copy of his killer Zombie Nation ‘The Mind Of Many’ remix and his latest mixtape!

Give me the free shit!

HEALTH (rock my freaking world)

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Seeing as I’m so goddam out of touch at the moment, I’m not even sure how long this track has been out, but you know what? I don’t really care either. HEALTH have done it yet again, and produced another manipulated, twisted-metal synth, with growling shoegaze guitars over a lockstep 4/4 drumbeat, the track thrusts aggressively forward with mechanical precision, SO SICK, and the Tobacco Remix is not a remix to be overlooked, it is seriously badass!

HEALTH – Die Slow (tobacco remix)

Check the video out as well, another HEALTH-Y gore fest. You’re welcome.


Die Slow Video

Exclusive Slaughterbrains mix

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Friend of the blog Slaughterbrains has made us an exclusive mixtape! He’ll be tearing up the decks at CAMP on Old Street tonight for the first ever Matters Of The Heart. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t emo, it’s a new series of irregular but soon to be sought after parties in and around London.

The dream team behind the night are Slaughterbrains and Cologne, and it’s these two that’ll be at the helm for the first party tonight. Cologne’s mixtape on the tumblr is obscenely good, and is definitely worth a download. Slaughterbrains has set blogs around the world alight in recent months with his reinterpretation of Dragonette, and with whispers of collaborations with some hotly tipped acts including brightlight brightlight for an upcoming EP you’re probably going to hear a lot more of him.

Actually, you can hear more now – here’s his exclusive WANARB mix. Compiled from bits of glitchy/grisly electro disco jerking bodyparts for your aural pleasure.

Slaughterbrains – Exclusive WANARB Mix

Kara Simsek



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