Jukebox Collective

The name may sound like something out of the 1950’s, you’d expect something barbershop about them, but you’d be wrong.

If you wanted a simple way to describe it’d be “in the vein of LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture“, which is actually a pretty good way to describe them. They’ve explained themselves a little differently, using lovely equations.

“Kev (K) and Greg (G) knocked out some demos (D) in Gregs bedroom in 2008. Informal drinks (dr) and music making (M) evenings at most.

Kev and Greg (KG) later decided that two sets of hands were not enough and invited friends Josh (J) and Nick (N) to form a proper band with them.

Jukebox Collective was thus born.

In mathematical terms:

K + G = KG

KG + (dr x M) = D

D + KG + J + N = Jukebox Collective”

They’ve got a single coming out too, ‘Icon Parade’,  which is below, a sneaky download, but please if you like it, as with all our tracks on here, go buy it, or you could go see them live. They’re playing Proud on 16th June and Silver Bullet on 23rd.

Jukebox Collective – Lost and Found

Jukebox Collective – Icon Parade




5 Responses to “Jukebox Collective”

  1. banging tunes!

  2. wher i can found the lirics of song icon parade? please help!

  3. Blisters,
    On my fingers,
    Getting worse

    I’ve got cuts from
    Making faces,
    Swelling up.

    I see the little
    Creatures dancing,
    Having fun.

    And then I ask my sister
    “Where you watching?”


    One and all.
    They gather at the same time
    Each night.

    The pictures in the windows
    Tell it all.
    You’d better get your story just right.


    Old shop
    Keeper, stories
    He could tell

    And I’ve been talking
    To him lately,
    Just as well.

    Because I whitnewssed
    Stolen kisses,
    Buy and sell.

    And then I tell my neighbour
    “No more chances.”

  4. fuck me have you listened to their new songs on myspace!!!!!!


  5. Elizabeth Reed Says:

    love it

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