Exlovers Interview

Exlovers have had many comparisons, a quick look over their MySpace blog and you can see the various pieces of press coverage comparing them to The Beatles, Belle and Sebastian and Eliot Smith. That’s not exactly three acts to get upset about being compared to, but they don’t think they’re like any of them. It’s a fair point, they’re not, music moves, changes and is interpreted differently by different people, trying to put one band in another band’s bracket only limit’s people’s views and perceptions of them, which can be a dangerous thing in an age where the first 30seconds that you read about a band will inform whether you should read on or not. I have probably not given you enough to go on, whether to read on, whether this is a worthy use of your time, but I promise you it is. I had ten questions for Pete, and whilst you’re reading, you can stream their B side ‘Just a Silhouette’ off their latest EP ‘You Forget So Easily’ and their cover of Chris Isaaks ‘Wicked Game’, which is superb.

Exlovers – Just a Silhouette

Exlovers – Wicked Game

Deal? Good, now…

1) Describe your band mates in three sentences

Sometimes a group of rats who are born into a small space will become joined together by their tails, they cannot escape each other and the harder they try the more knotted their tails become. This is called a ‘Rat King’ and best describes the band and our relationships with each other. A ‘Rat King’ will eventually die unless the individual rats can break free or learn to function as a single body.

2) What was your first thought on seeing your first printed EP?

I thought that the record label had done a great job with the printing, it looked like a real EP.

3) You’ve covered Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’, why did you decided to cover it, and what is your favorite cover song of all time?

I didn’t give it a lot of thought to be perfectly honest, sometimes we just like to mess with other people’s songs in the rehearsal studio and that one seemed to work for us.

I really couldn’t say what my favorite would be, there are too many to choose from and it’ll make my head hurt. I heard a cover of Back For Good by The Concretes the other day which made me smile.

4) Where/what is the one venue that you’d love to play?

Well we’ve played a lot of the venues in this country on a number of occasions so it’d be nice to start going further afield. To be honest it’s one of those things that I think you stop caring about after a while because you could be playing in a horrible little room in a horrible little town and the people coming to see you can still make it seem beautiful.

5) If you/the band were an animal, what would it be and why?

We would be a ‘rat king’ for the reasons stated in question 1.

6) In a fight between a squirrel and a badger, who would win, and how long would the fight take place?

The badger would win, there would be little contest.

7) If you could go to any gig, at any time (you have a time machine), what would it be and why?

If you had that power maybe you would feel some sort of responsibility to use it for good and not just to indulge in watching one of your favorite bands. So you might go back to that concert where one of the band members was shot and prevent the terrible incident from ever happening. Or you could go and watch an early Nirvana show….. It would certainly be a moral dilemma.

8) How many cooks spoil the broth?

Too many.

9) Have you started recording your album yet? Do you know who’s doing the artwork for it?

We haven’t started recording it yet, we’re still recording the demos for it. It’s likely to be a collaboration between my friend Danny and myself.

10) When’s your next gig and what can we expect from it?

Our next one is this Friday (21st May) and you can expect to hear quite a lot of new material. Our guitarist Chris might even do his favourite dance for you…




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