In ‘Con Law’ Generationals have made an album which is a perfect summer soundtrack complete with Beach Boys melodies and excellent Wall of Sound style production.

The New Orleans band has stripped alot back so that triumphant brass and guitar on tracks such as ‘It Keeps You Up’ is brought to an early close whilst Bobby Beale’s predominant bass line explodes into after-hours-house-party chaos. Throw in some cool lyrics like “When you wear those black sunglasses – nobody could change your mind” and you’ve got everything MGMT promised to be with the first half of Oracular Spectacular before they tripped out and decided not to release singles.

They are yet to play in the UK but I will be first in line when they cross the Bayou and the Atlantic. Enjoy these great tracks and go buy their album via the link below >>>

Generationals – Bobby Beale

Generationals – It Keeps You Up




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