aUtOdiDakT – Here we go (at last)

aUtOdiDakT was amongst some of the first artists to start regularly sending us their music, many moons ago when W.A.N.A.R.B. was a mere fledgling. Since then he’s been regularly sending us stuff – but up until now we’ve never posted any of it – even though he makes some killer beats. We’re sorry dude!! We get sent WAAAY to much stuff man, impossible to keep up.

Anyway, now is the time. Please welcome his latest work, ‘Super Super’. Quite frankly, we have some outrageous dirtbags here. First, the Distrakt mix (can only be described as evil, angry, nosebleed music). Check it out just after the second drop. Wow. Utter devastation. We can’t provide you with the download on this I’m afraid, however, we can give you the Distrakt alternate remix, which has everything except for the nosebleed bit after the second drop.

aUtOdiDakT feat. Super Super – Here we go (Distrakt alternate Remix)

Next up – destruction dubstep in the form of the Lazy Ants remix. Hold onto your balls.

aUtOdiDakT feat. Super Super – Here we go (Lazy Ants Remix)




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