Obi Blanche – Sho’ Nuff

Apologies for the lack of postage recently, we’ve all been a bit manic with our day jobs which has made blogging quite hard, fear not though, we’ve got loads of stuff in the pipe line and posts will be back to their old frequency very soon.

Not to be confused with Carte Blanche (who we also love). I first heard Obi Blanche around this time last year, having recently discovered his New Judas label mate (and fellow Finn) Huoratron, I was checking out the other artists on the New Judas roster when I came across him. Finding myself instantly drawn in by his tough electro/breaks combo, it’s definitely a sound which flicks my switch.

His latest EP ‘Sho’ Nuff is out on What What Records this Friday (25th June). Listen below via the sound cloud link then nab yourself a copy of his killer Zombie Nation ‘The Mind Of Many’ remix and his latest mixtape!

Zombie Nation – The Mind Of Many (Obi Blanche Remix)

Obi Blanche – Raum 18 Live Mix

*No track list at present for the mixtape but I am trying to track it down.




One Response to “Obi Blanche – Sho’ Nuff”

  1. Nice! I’ve been trying to keep my eye on Obi Blanche, but there isn’t to much on him out there….

    one to keep an eye on methinks

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