N.E.R.D. Nerdy beat jugglers or hardcore hip-hop honey hounding gangsters?…I just can’t tell.

And more to the point I don’t really care, I’m here to talk about old school (am I allowed to call him that yet?) WANARB favourite, and all round wall-to-wall-soaked-in-reverb-crazy-German-techno-bangers; Boys Noize. Who continues to tour week in week out, yet also continues to churn out jacking face melters of great proportion. I wonder how he does it? I barely have enough time to wipe the grit out of my bed in the morning before heading off to the mill. Baffling.

Anywho, I’m not complaining, in fact I’m joyously rejoicing in this generously jovial jaunt that he has graced our jinboxes with (ok I went a j too far then, but i’m excited!). Ignore the flat peak vocal intro and wait for this meat and two veg chugger to really get going. More a mid set dancefloor gathering affair than a hands in the air end of the night job, it still delivers deep.

N.E.R.DHot-n-Fun (Boys Noize Remix)


P.s My name is biftathekid and I’ll be your host for a few choice moments on this wonderful blog, also I have no shame when it comes to music, so expect some show stoppingly bad posts. Word.



5 Responses to “WHAT’S THAT NOIZE?”

  1. woop woop!! this is amazing bifta

  2. Cheers man! Hopefully i’ll be bringing some more big tunes your way…

  3. Welcome aboard Mr Bifta! Nice post

  4. Good shit bifta. Look forward to seeing what you drop next.

  5. […] that I’m gonna be loving their every move nowadays. In fact, in my humblest of opinions (and Biftathekid‘s), Calm by Rogue Element is one of the all-time great breakbeat tunes. There – I said […]

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