dreamcrusher – Noise Death from The USA!

I love noise.

From the current aggressive electronics of Huoratron to avant garde experimentalist Cementimental (witnessed playing a tobacco tin filled with contact mics for 8 hours in a muddy field at last years Offset Festival). I remember the first time I heard ‘Waters of Nazareth‘ by Justice and thought the tide was turning on popular dance music. This was it, the sonic apocalype was upon us. I’ve since been turned on to some great bands like Synapscape and Nurse with Wound and amazed by recounted tales of Japanese noise gigs, collapsed buildings and industrial carnage.

NOTE: See a rare snap of Hanatarash’s legendary bulldozer gig, in which he demolished a building onto his audience – HERE

There is a certain beauty in chaos.

This leads me on to dreamcrusher.

I first heard his Erykah Badu ‘The Healer’ remix, a doom-laden experiment in electronic disturbance. A subsequent evening spent trying to find any physical releases I could get my hands on turned me onto the ‘Anti Pop/Reykjavik EP’. After tracking him down on facebook I was dazzled by a barrage of amphetamine fueled status updates. An explosion of links and seedy youtube clips, trashy pop gems, thrash noise, Bauhaus, MIA and dreamcrusher’s ‘Record of the Day’ chosen with a relentlessly frenetic eclecticism.

This sonic discord, it turns out, emanates from a young student in the US. A Graphic Designer, Artist, an individual who, in his own words has been “bursting ear-drums since 2006”. It seems over the last few years music has been edging ever closer to the centre of stage, “school and art just arent loud enough for me”. dreamcrusher has been ‘quietly’ self releasing remixes by the likes of Crystal Castles, Daft Punk and Clipse, steadily throughout 2008-2010. Each a reinterpretation of pop sound with its own erratic, dangerous, noise terror. A sound that fires forth from the speakers and lands somehow just the right side of the dance floor.

dreamcrusher – Anti Pop

Clipse – Mr. Me Too (dreamcrusher IDM Remix)

Crystal Castle – Love and Caring (dreamcrusher Remix)

Future plans for dreamcrusher include taking these sounds live. With a promise of background dancers, choreography and dreamcrusher “making glitchy sounds [loud as hell] nothing quite specific yet, but basically if you took a Prince concert and put in my music: that’d be the gist of it…” there is little more left to say.

I cant fucking wait.

hail discordo



P.s. Check out the soon to be released ‘Death in the USA EP’ coming in August 2010, and a slew of new remixes coming around that time too…

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