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Something Awesome This Way Comes #1

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It’s nearly the weekend: Awww YEAH! This Saturday Victoria Park plays host to some of the greatest artists “the powers that be” could cram into a park! Yeah Kids its FIELD DAY! We’re all looking forward to it., but what I’m looking forward to in particular is Chilly Gonzales! Check out the video for his latest song on Boys Noize Records, fancy man Tiga also makes a special appearance!

I believe there may still be some Field Day tickets available so purchase em here or get down there early to wait in line and get them at the gates! You don’t want to miss it! Also if you haven’t heard (coz you’re living under a rock) were having a Field Day After Party! So get yourselves some tickets while stocks last!

Big Shadowstep







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Tobacco AKA Tom Fec of Black Moth Super Rainbow has released his new video for ‘Grape Aerosmith’. Its probably the most bizarre promo since M.I.A’s ‘Born Free‘. That isn’t a very long time, so what is with the trend for blowing up brains of ginger children and bits of bacon rearing themselves from a slightly distracted C.E.O’s head?. I don’t know where M.I.A fits in to this theory but it must be something to do with Scientology. Beck features on this track and he’s the best artist ever to have tripped into this world via a space gremlin ridin’ on the back of a meteor. That’s what Scientology is about, right? Watch the video >>>


Martin Brothers – Steal Drums

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The Martin Brothers (who aren’t actually brothers at all) return with their latest killer on Dirtybird. Over the years they’ve popped up with epic tunes on Claude Von Stroke’s infamous label – and now they blast us to smithereens with Steal Drums. One for the later hours, this has a bit of a nursery rhyme feel to it, until all hell breaks loose when it drops and turns into a full-on bass assault. On a loud soundsystem this rocks.

My first encounter with the duo was a few years ago when they released ‘Stoopit’, a track that I fell in love with. It became apparent that is was a bit of a ‘Marmite tune’ – people either loved it or hated it (maybe hate is a bit of a strong word to use but still). Whatever – it used to go off when I dropped it, so the proof as they say, is in the pudding. Go check out the rest of the Steal Drum release, plus their other releases here (Duck Face is badass too). Otherwise download Stoopit below and have a mongtastic time!

The Martin Brothers – Steal Drums

The Martin Brothers – Stoopit




Win Tickets for Offset Festival 2010

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London’s coolest festival returns to Hainault Forrest September 4th & 5th for another two days of Music, Art and Fun. Last years shindig was one of our favourite weekends of 2009 so it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited for Offset 2010! This years line up includes MYSTERY JETSLIQUID LIQUIDATARI TEENAGE RIOT,
THE EIGHTIES MATCHBOX B-LINE DISASTER, THESE NEW PURITANS, CHROME HOOF, MONOTONIX, GOOD SHOES, MALE BONDING and KAP BAMBINO, along with a plethora of other bands sure to be next years big thing. The dance aficionados of you out there (of which I know there are many), are also well catered for with legendary East London party starters TRAILER TRASH taking the reigns in the dance tent. With tickets starting at a bargainous £55 for the weekend and just £29 for a day this is too good to be missed. Full details regarding tickets and line up are available from the official site here.

Want to be in with a chance of winning a pair of weekend camping tickets? Well then you’re in luck as our pals at Offset have given us just that to give away to one lucky reader. All you’ve got to do is tell us…

Which of the following is one of this years Offset headliners?

A) Mystery Vets

B) Mystery Jets

C) Mystery Sets

Once you’ve done that just email your answer to with ‘Offset 2010 Competition’ in the subject line.  Closing date for the entries is wednesday 4th August 2010 @ 5pm. Winners will be picked at random and notified by email.


Could it be? New Daft Punk tracks from Tron?

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So some tracks appeared on Fairtiliser last week, claiming to be from the score of the new Tron movie (which, for those of you who’ve been locked in a cupboard for the last year, has been made by the demi-gods that are Daft Punk). Over the past year, numerous tracks have been leaked claiming to be the work of Daft Punk – we actually fell for one of them here. We’re pretty much resigned to the fact that we’ll just have to wait until later for the film to come out before we get a good earful of the soundtrack, but for now we can at least debate over these. Surely this has to be THE most anticipated movie soundtrack of all time??

So – click below, take a listen and see what you think. It’s pretty eerie, movie type stuff – and is pretty hard to tell whether it’s actually Daft Punk or not.

One thing that COULD come out of them doing the soundtrack for Tron (I’m actually praying for this), is that they might embark on one more world tour in 2011! If they do, you can bet your balls we shall be there in numbers.

Finally – for all you die hard fans out there – we have an amazing little treat for you. Whilst on Facebook the other day I spotted this INCREDIBLE link. This you have to watch. It’s Daft Punk playing a gig 15 years ago. I shit you not. No suits, no helmets. It’s amazing.

15 years ago they were doing this. 15 years ago I had long hair and was listening to grunge.


Smug Face

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I’m back! I haven’t written a post for a long long time, but now am up and running with a lovely Mini Mac. So what I was planning on doing today was to try and squeeze a lot of music that I think deserves a listen, into this one post. It’s a easy way for me to include it all in one. But on reflection, it is lazy, and i believe that all of these tracks and artists deserve their own post.

So first up, is the track featured in the annoying Nikon advert with smugface Robbie Williams, but its a blessing in disguise as I love the track, and the rest of the album is fantastic. The band, well, artist, is Radical Face, who is one half of Electric President, who’re pretty fucking amazing. Anyway, check out the whole track, not the 30second advert sample, and hit up spotify for the whole album or go buy it.

Radical Face – Welcome Home, Son




Disco Of Doom: Interview, Mixtape AND free tune!

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Disco Of Doom kindly took a few moments out of their busy schedule to speak to WANARB about what they are preparing to unleash upon the world. They’ve also kindly made us a mix (which they made last night), plus given us a killer track for you to download for free! Aren’t they nice. Catch Disco Of Doom DJ-ing at our warehouse party this Saturday! (We’re starting to get a bit excited now…)

Read interview, grab mix, get tune!