Showgirls get some Hypnolove

Showgirls are a new French pop trio who make infectious disco pop vibes (win) and are signed to Bertrand Burgalat’s Tricatel label. We got sent this remix in May but I only unearthed it recently when I was having a late night catch up on emails and got into a chat with one of the dudes at Record Makers – and thank god I did – because it’s a fuckin t-une.

Hypnolove (who I know nothing about) is the remixer. Now, normally at this point I’d whizz around google to research both Showgirls AND Hypnolove and then come at you with some killer interesting facts, but it’s 11pm, I’m still at work and I’m tired. And grumpy. But planning an amazing warehouse party just for you. So there.

Showgirls – Foolin’ Around (Hypnolove remix)

Keep an eye out for Hypnolove’s new single which is currently being made and will be released later this year on Record Makers. It’s produced by Mickey Moonlight!!




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