Disco Of Doom

Disco Of Doom are an act that are killing it at the moment. One of their remixes featured on our We Are Not a Rock Band’s 1st Birthday CD back in February – it’s an absolute killer (it’s below if you missed it). Go to their Beatport page and you’ll find banger after banger, all of which would snugly fit into any respectable DJs’ late night set. Fortunately for us they’re currently working on heaps of new stuff – so you can expect to be hearing lots more about them on WANARB in weeks and months to come…

So who are they? Well – the duo, based in London, are actually a team-up of ex-breakbeat juggernaughts – Rogue Element and Tom Real. I was a huge fan of them both when breaks was the cote du jour, so it’s pretty inevitable that I’m gonna be loving their every move nowadays. In fact, in my humblest of opinions (and Biftathekid‘s), Calm by Rogue Element is one of the all-time great breakbeat tunes. There – I said it.

Anyway, I’ll stop waffling – check these badboys out:

A little birdie tells me that Discobelle blogged a 320kps version of this track. Where? Here? Who knows.

This next one is a fuckin’ stonker. And I don’t use that word lightly.

Hiroki Esashika – Kazane (Disco Of Doom remix)




2 Responses to “Disco Of Doom”

  1. Massive agreement about Rogue Element – Calm, what a bassline.

  2. […] – or if you want a couple more tracks (including their INCREDIBLE James Yuill remix) click here for our previous post on them. Last time I came across artists that were as on-fire as these guys […]

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