Where next for Jack Beats?

A period of time has passed and we’ve almost all forgotten about Jack Beats. They stormed the dance music scene in 2008 / 2009 with some killer tunes, and were the talismans of a mini-genre that was relevant at the time yet was so niche that it seemed like its shelf life expired before it even got going. In case you’re still wondering, I’m talking about ‘fidget house’ – the most irritatingly named music genre since music began.

So the Fidget craze didn’t last long, and quite frankly, it wasn’t very good either – but Jack Beats rocked and made a bunch of belting anthems. But now that some time has passed (and everyone is over fidget) – what the hell do they do? Do they create something new and genre defining like when they remixed AC Slater’s ‘Jack got jacked’, or do they wither away into obscurity and cling on to a sound that seriously needs a re-think.

I’ll let you guys decide which way they’ve gone with this one. Personally, whilst I think this tune is alright (and well produced as you’d expect), I think that Jack Beats are gonna have to come up with something much better than this if they want to justify their legendary status…

I have the faith…

‘Out Of Body’ is out on Cheap Thrills now.




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