Jaguar Skills street party 29/07/10!

Right now I feel a bit like I did the first time I had a Marmite and cucumber sandwich. You see, I love Marmite and I love cucumber, but had never thought about how great they’d be combined in a doughy sheath (thanks to my Nan for enlightening me). Similarly, I love jungle, and I love raw fish. So my adoration, respect and gratitude is right now being beamed towards the mastermind who snared Jaguar Skills to play at the new YO! Sushi on Market Place’s opening party tonight. Props!

From 6pm-8pm, the A-team van, a Funktion 1 sound system and the ‘Japarazzi’ will be out in force at the new eatery. There’s gonna be free sushi (and discount vouchers offering a third off). Let it be said that it’s not just the food that will be raw, as Jaguar Skills fills Fitzrovia’s Market Place with his world-renowned and lightning-fast mixing talent.

Mr.Skills has been around for the last 15 years – a decade and a half shrouded in mystery. No one knows details of his real name, age or home town… Despite this, he has played every major festival this summer, still with Bestival, various Ibiza dates and a full UK tour to come. His mini-mixes can be heard every week across Radio 1 and 1Xtra whilst his legendary free online mixes have been downloaded millions of times, giving him cult status within the music community.

This is my favourite mix of his EVER – featuring the best MC around, MC Skibbadee! 164 Tracks in 60 minutes, you know you love it.

Kara Simsek



Deets: 29/07/10
‘YO! Sushi & Jaguar Skills Marketplace Street Party’
YO! Sushi, (East) Portland House, 4 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 8QJ

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