Kentucky Fried

The Pass are a 4 piece band based in Louisville, Kentucky and are currently the city’s second most famous musical act after VHS or Beta.

They released their first EP ‘Colors’ earlier this year and are following it up with new videos and studio time to record their album ‘Burst’. Something tells me in the next 12 months this band will be touring heavily (at least more than the 3 shows currently booked) and may compete with VHS or Beta to be Kentucky’s biggest export after fried chicken.

So here are 2 videos for you to cast your eyes over, the first is ‘Treatment of the Sun’ which apparently involved the hiring and filming of an Iowa based dance-troupe rather than cutting genuinely old footage (maybe they didn’t film the space shuttle launch bit) and the second is ‘Colors’ which sees the band blowing up balloons with cigarettes and setting off fire extinguishers … try at home/office/local bar! >>>

The PassColors




2 Responses to “Kentucky Fried”

  1. Bless your heart, there, chief. While The Pass is definitely on the uptick (Neil Lucas is a splendid drummer with whom I jam occasionally), the group is not even close to the kind of fame that, oh, say My Morning Jacket, has achieved, not to mention Flaw, Days of the New, Slint, Rachel’s (and Rachel Grimes) and so on, at some length. Not to take anything away from them or VHS or Beta, either. Just sayin’

  2. Says:

    I meant it to illustrate a point … That not many ‘dance rock’ bands have come outta Kentucky – at least that have made an impact in the UK. Granted, MMJ and Slint are definitely bigger than VHS or Beta. Definitely not bigger than fried chicken though.

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