Housemeister finds fame

Crazy Berlin dude Housemeister has returned with a new EP on Boys Noize Records which keeps up the chain of top releases this label has had recently.

For me, Housemeister has always been a bit hit and miss. A couple of years ago, he did a tune called ‘inordertodance’ which totally blew me away (especially when Erol Alkan dropped it at Benicassim), but some of his other stuff has often been pretty forgettable. However, his latest E.P. comes with this EPIC tune on it – ‘Famous’. It’s actually really similar to inordertodance (which is also posted below), and has the same sort of ‘freestyle’ element to it in the sense that a killer riff forms the basis of the tune, whilst beats, snares and high hats come and go as they please. Rockin’

Housemeister – Beef Jerky 2 Premium Cuts EP, is out now as an exclusive on Beatport.

Housemeister – Famous

Housemeister – Inordertodance




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