Robbie Williams gets taken away by a Black Van!

Yes that’s right – we’re blogging a Robbie Williams tune. But fear not, we’re not out of our tiny little minds – it’s a Black Van remix! (We just put a tabloid/sensationalist title to grab your attention). And besides, Soulwax remixed Robbie Williams a few years ago – so it’s OK, right? (Probably not).

Anyway, Black Van are DFA’s recent signing and are a collaboration between Kris Menace and KoweSix. They put out a wicked track called ‘Yearning’ back in February. We posted that, along with an awesome mixtape they did here. In fact it is on said mixtape where I heard this track (I would highly recommend you download the mix by the way – I think it’s become one of my most regularly played mixes for a long time). This tune is the penultimate song on it, and never fails to get me going. Check out the epic breakdown. Black Van – y0u rock! Can’t wait to hear more stuff from them.

Oh and Robbie, you rock too. Don’t let those ex-band mates of yours get you down. You were always my favourite anyway…

Robbie Williams – Last Days Of Disco (Black Van remix)




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