Unless you’ve had your head lodged firmly up your bum you’ll have noticed we are having a party. And if you haven’t bought a ticket yet you better get your click on HERE because they are selling like cakes that were baked in the center of the sun.

In spirit of said party I’m giving you a funk filled nu-disco number to wet your New Jack based appetite, as that will be the order of play for some of the aforementioned shenanigans.

So this slick piece of rock funk (I hate that term, but that’s what their bio says… bear with me) was born in Portland by a trio called Strength, but bounced hard in Brooklyn on the way here for a pretty jackin remix by The Whole Sick Crew (I can’t decide whether I love or hate that name?) Its a pretty poppy tune and only lasts 3m49s, but is perfectly formed to be a ‘sound of your summer’ style anthem with hints of Chromeo and MGMT, a sort of shoulderpad indie on rollerskates, if you will.

A quick scan of their other tunes on their Myspace and Soundcloud pages reveals a quite random collection of production spanning techno, crunk, pop, electro, minimal and speedcore?!? And not many plays on each either, also quite frankly there isn’t much about them on the all encompassing interweb too, so if you’re in the states can you let us know if they’re still alive…in the meantime enjoy.

STRENGTH – Wilderness (The Whole Sick Crew Remix)




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