Mighty Mouse’s Mighty Mixtape

“We love disco because it is all about good music. There is madness and there is darkness, but on the outside it is beautiful. Make your own rules, that’s the Circus.”

Hmmm. Circuses aside, Mighty Mouse are building quite a head of steam for themselves at the moment, having drawn accolades from the many of the top guns of the scene. Here, they have come at us with a Summer-drenched, slightly African influenced Disco / nu-disco mix. Perfect for those sweltering days spent lazing around in the sun… (Now all we need is some sun)

Looking forward to hearing more from Mighty Mouse this year.

Mighty Mouse Mixtape (A Summer In Space) July 2010


Disco NuDiso African Classic House
– Ichisan ‘Space Patrol’
– A Mountain of One ‘Bones’ (Time & Space Machine Remix)
– Duliatten Disco Dancer ‘Surat Surfin’
– Siriusmo ‘High Together’
– Satin Jackets ‘Get It On’
– Lizzy Merciew Descloux ‘Hard Boiled Babe’
– Nikansah Yaanom ‘Pem Dwe’
– West India Company ‘Ave Maria’
– Stephen Laverty ‘Grand Plan’ (Pseundonym Remix)
– Ajello ‘Hot July’ (Marius Version)
– George Morel ‘Morels Groove Part 4’
– Last Rhythm ‘Last Rhythm’ (Original Mix)
– Aka JK ‘Someone Out There’ (Kim Remix Instrumental)

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