Two years on from the release of HEALTH//DISCO, the noise-kings have followed suit with DISCO2 – the remix version of their sophomore masterpiece GET COLOR. And OMG, this album is a brute force that I defy anyone to try and knock down.

Now I know I don’t half crack on about this Los Angeles four piece, but it genuinely is because they really are pretty special, I can think of no band around right now that could even attempt to contest with the noise these guys make.

The album  features artists  like Crystal Castles, Tobacco, Salem, Javelin, Gold Panda, and Pictureplane on the mix, and FML have they created a monster! Because I’m a borderline obsessive, and well… generally quite a nice cat, I’m sharing some of the HEALTH wealth. Here’s but a few of the amazing mixes that feature on the album. You’re really very welcome!


HEALTH – Eat Flesh (Crystal Castles Vs Health)

HEALTH – Before Tigers (CFCF remix)

HEALTH – In Heat (Javelin remix)




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