Smug Face

I’m back! I haven’t written a post for a long long time, but now am up and running with a lovely Mini Mac. So what I was planning on doing today was to try and squeeze a lot of music that I think deserves a listen, into this one post. It’s a easy way for me to include it all in one. But on reflection, it is lazy, and i believe that all of these tracks and artists deserve their own post.

So first up, is the track featured in the annoying Nikon advert with smugface Robbie Williams, but its a blessing in disguise as I love the track, and the rest of the album is fantastic. The band, well, artist, is Radical Face, who is one half of Electric President, who’re pretty fucking amazing. Anyway, check out the whole track, not the 30second advert sample, and hit up spotify for the whole album or go buy it.

Radical Face – Welcome Home, Son




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