Could it be? New Daft Punk tracks from Tron?

So some tracks appeared on Fairtiliser last week, claiming to be from the score of the new Tron movie (which, for those of you who’ve been locked in a cupboard for the last year, has been made by the demi-gods that are Daft Punk). Over the past year, numerous tracks have been leaked claiming to be the work of Daft Punk – we actually fell for one of them here. We’re pretty much resigned to the fact that we’ll just have to wait until later for the film to come out before we get a good earful of the soundtrack, but for now we can at least debate over these. Surely this has to be THE most anticipated movie soundtrack of all time??

So – click below, take a listen and see what you think. It’s pretty eerie, movie type stuff – and is pretty hard to tell whether it’s actually Daft Punk or not.

One thing that COULD come out of them doing the soundtrack for Tron (I’m actually praying for this), is that they might embark on one more world tour in 2011! If they do, you can bet your balls we shall be there in numbers.

Finally – for all you die hard fans out there – we have an amazing little treat for you. Whilst on Facebook the other day I spotted this INCREDIBLE link. This you have to watch. It’s Daft Punk playing a gig 15 years ago. I shit you not. No suits, no helmets. It’s amazing.

15 years ago they were doing this. 15 years ago I had long hair and was listening to grunge.


3 Responses to “Could it be? New Daft Punk tracks from Tron?”

  1. saw this a way back in my teens could never find it ever since. i thought it was some incredible dream. thank you HazMat!


  2. it’s FUCKING amazing isn’t it??

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