Martin Brothers – Steal Drums

The Martin Brothers (who aren’t actually brothers at all) return with their latest killer on Dirtybird. Over the years they’ve popped up with epic tunes on Claude Von Stroke’s infamous label – and now they blast us to smithereens with Steal Drums. One for the later hours, this has a bit of a nursery rhyme feel to it, until all hell breaks loose when it drops and turns into a full-on bass assault. On a loud soundsystem this rocks.

My first encounter with the duo was a few years ago when they released ‘Stoopit’, a track that I fell in love with. It became apparent that is was a bit of a ‘Marmite tune’ – people either loved it or hated it (maybe hate is a bit of a strong word to use but still). Whatever – it used to go off when I dropped it, so the proof as they say, is in the pudding. Go check out the rest of the Steal Drum release, plus their other releases here (Duck Face is badass too). Otherwise download Stoopit below and have a mongtastic time!

The Martin Brothers – Steal Drums

The Martin Brothers – Stoopit




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