Summer Warehouse Party madness

WOW. What a night Saturday was. Burns destroyed it, as did Disco Of Doom. Thank you everyone who came down to our warehouse party and made it such a special night. We had the bestest time ever.

Also – a huge thank you to anyone who helped us out in any way, we love you guys.

So anyway – onto the important stuff. Were you blown away by Burns? If so check out some posts we’ve done on him in the past and grab yourself some free music!

Free track giveaway from Burns

Burns interview + exclusive mix!

Burns baby Burns (2 free tracks)

Destroyed by Disco Of Doom? Likewise – check out interviews, mixes and badass tunes below.

Disco Of Doom: Interview, Mixtape AND free tune!

WANARB Exclusive: Disco of Doom remix

Disco Of Doom

So time for some fun stuff – who wants to see the pics from the warehouse party!? Yes please! Click below 🙂

If you want to see the full album, click here

All photo’s taken by Richard Pang. Thanks dude!

3 Responses to “Summer Warehouse Party madness”

  1. hackneyphile Says:

    Good times – Sandwiched!

  2. Had an awesome night!

  3. Knockturnal Says:

    Thanks Chris!

    So did we! We’re now looking forward to plotting the next one…

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