Festival Review – Secret Garden Party 2010

I’ve just got enough of my brain back to tap this out. The remains are resting in a field, in Cambridgeshire, with the dried out leftovers of the Secret Garden Party… it may not have been much of a secret, but it was a great party! With intimate stages full of excellent music, I just have to have a little shout about the things I saw and heard last weekend.

I was surprised to find such good music where worthy headliners are deemed to be Marina and the Diamonds (eh!?). It turned out as one of the best festivals I’ve had the pleasure of dancing my arse off at. Here’s a sprinkling of what made that happen…

Kicking off Friday, Danny and The Champions of the World got revved up half way through their set on The Garden Stage– rock n roll mash up covers with an eclectic mix of pop and Bruce  Springteenisms – the audience spontaneously formed a conga (who doesn’t love a conga!?). Good times…begin!

The thing with SGP is you never know what’s going on; the secrets of the festival seem to be waiting round every thicket. Wondering from tent to lake to stage well after dark, we found the Where the Wild Things Are stage and luckily, the Infadels. Slamming down a beat-tastic “Love Like Semtex” to start, this charismatic band delivered a jumping guitar synthenergy fit for fun and dancing.

Saturday began with The Whip… and they cracked it, with the bounding audience obeying they played pleasing crescendos of electro dance to the high culmination of ‘Trash’ screamed at the top of our lungs while bouncing on the grass, hands stretched to the sun.

Quieter, but no more subdued was an Australian blonde called Matt Gresham… and this boy got SOUL. Performing in the boudoir red Living Room tent, we danced to an amazing cover of Folsom Prison Blues. The crowd demanded more and more came in the form of anachingly soulful ‘Georgia on my Mind’. This was the 21year olds first UK gig, his raw talent should take him far and hopefully some more gigs in blighty soon.

This leads to Ben Howard… starring another acoustic guitar, this time strummed flat across his lap, simultaneously banging on the hollowed wood for percussion and softly accompanied by a cellist and a double bass. I’ve seen him before at that little back room at the Roundhouse and the audience were captivated – here, with shit sound, a useless sound tech and an audience clearly lulling full of MDMA and hash, he got us too… Beautiful voice, beautiful songs.

One man I have to mention is James Yuill. This was the first time I had seen him live. The uber geeky suited electro master combined serene vocals, technological wizardry and an acoustic guitar to rendition a perfect ‘No Surprises’ with full vigour before “a big fucking climactic ending”. He should be booked for the next WANARB night.

All in all, the festival was a feast of fun, the music an added bonus and some of these performances I will have special memories of for a long time, but that might just be my delayed festival hangover kicking in… back to real life. Urgh…

Until Standon Calling this weekend – Liars, These New Puritans, Efterklang, Fool’s Gold, Casiokids, and although I have never heard of them, Wild Birds and Peacedrums have too gooder name to miss.  All this plus Giles Peterson and Filthy Dukes on the decks… they even have a swimming pool!

Now fully refreshed into party mode from the WANARB Summer Party… I. Am. Ready.


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